Old Beach Bums never die!

          They just write books!

  Warm summer days I wished would never end, listening to the soothing sounds of the surf, star gazing from the Point Pleasant Boardwalk …add in my first visit to a tropical island years later, bright colorful flowers, soft as silk sand, stir it all up and you have my recipe for moving to a beautiful Gulf Coast Island in Florida, Ft. Myers Beach.

           It’s now twenty-five years later and I never tire of feeling the soft sandy beach under my feet, watching the spectacular sunsets, and swimming in the calm warm blue-green waters of the Gulf. I am very lucky. I love where I live and try to capture that feeling in the fictional island settings of my stories. As with anything good in life, it did take a little while to get here.

           I graduated from Syracuse University with a degree in English, worked as a copyreader for a daily newspaper, worked in marketing and then finally moved to Florida where I ran a very popular video entertainment store on the island for twenty years. Oh, and did I mention that I love movies! I joined my national trade association and served as a regional chapter president for SW Florida for six years. During my time as a retailer, I enjoyed writing a weekly entertainment column for over twelve years for two of our island newspapers while my store did as many fundraisers for local island charities as possible.

         I enjoy looking out my kitchen window at a sleepy lagoon where manatees and dolphin frolic in the water and beautiful birds of all sizes and color grace my dock. I happily share this world with my husband Jerry and my dog Max, a shelter adoptee. SEABLISS is my first full- length novel. I tried to capture the charm of island living with some suspense, adventure and a little bit of romance. I hope that you will find it a fun beach read whether you are actually lying on a beach, lounging on a cruiseship, or sitting in your favorite comfy chair sipping a cup of cocoa looking out at your favorite beautiful snow scene! Enjoy! .

Mary Tatarian Author

   Writing As Mariah Lynne
Romance That Trancends Time